You Belong Here 

Discovery Students are revolutionaries. They are starting an Uprising, stirring Mayhem, and beginning The Rebellion. They are stirring the water in Colorado Springs and far beyond. They are putting their feet to the ground and putting actions to their words. Their mission is simple: hope to the hopeless, freedom to the captives, and rescue to the brokenhearted.

We are continuing the rebellion that Jesus started when he came back. Our student environments at Discovery are an intentional place where your story is safe and welcome. We are here to walk into every messy, difficult part and we want to celebrate with you when life is going really well.

This Website

We’ve created this place for you to encounter who we are: our staff, our volunteers, and our students. Check out our Environments and see where you can come hang out, or look at our Next Steps, where there are some awesome ways for you dive deeper!

We’ll be updating this space to introduce you to some awesome leaders and provide snippets from the series we’re in each month. You’ll also get a chance to read some great blog posts from different people on our team.

There’s a lot to check out on our site, please take a look around!

Join Us

We’d love to have you serve alongside us as well. Our students need vulnerable, authentic adults like you to walk through life with. When teens are pushed, believed in, and loved, they have the ability to change the world. If nothing else, they’ll certainly change yours.

If you’re in 5th-12th grade- we’re so excited that you have considered joining us at one of our weekly services. You belong here, and we already see you as another member of of our wild family. If you want to know what it means to love others with no strings attached, you have come to the right place.