DCC is all about living to rescue, and in our Women’s Community we know that part of rescue is being there for each other. That’s why our theme for 2019 is “We Rise By Lifting Others.” When we lift each other up instead of seeing each other as rivals, we can all succeed together, becoming the women we were created to be. The video below is a beautiful demonstration of what it can look like when women decide to rise by lifting each other, and how healing it can be to follow Jesus on this mission to live to rescue.




Have you ever looked at your life and thought, “this is too messy, too small, too ugly, too much?” Through Captivating, you will walk through all of your story, discover the significance of each moment for your heart, and see a Father who is waiting to speak His truth to the daughters He loves so very much! Captivating groups create a safe space of authenticity and honesty where you can bring every piece of the puzzle that is your story!