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Trunk or Treat

Would you help us be a safe and fun place for our community on Halloween? 
We have many and varied opportunities to volunteer at Trunk or Treat or after. The event will be open to the public from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Our Available Areas to serve are:

Trunks-dress up, decorate a trunk, hand out candy and have fun! Expect to be there the whole evening, we will have people to relieve you for breaks when needed.

Trunk support- keep the trunks supplied with candy and relieve people at trunks when they need a break.

Info Desk- provide direction, answer questions, help check in volunteers as shift changes.

Lost Children station- Play with any kiddos who lose their parents until they can retrieve them.

Food Truck Support- Wrapping and Distributing Hotdogs, Keep up on cleanup and keep supplies stocked

Facilities- Keeping our building looking good, handling accidents, and keeping bathrooms stocked

Inflatables- Big- Help the kiddos six and older get on and off, regulate numbers, and keep them safe

Inflatables-Little- help our little ones who are five years old and under have fun in their own space with their own inflatables and their own music

Kids Hallway Trunk-Inside "trunks" for little kiddos down our Kid's Hallway-Dress up and Decorate a table outside one of our classrooms

Greeter- Hand out parent bags and help people find the areas they are looking for

Parking-our parking lot will be hoppin', help us keep it safe and smooth.

Drinks- Help make and keep our drinks full. We will have coffee, hot water for hot chocolate and apple cider packets as well as lemonade.

Afterwork- Folding up and putting away the inflatables;

Next day work - Reset all the chairs for the weekends services and or Cleaning the building.

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to Oct 13

Women's Retreat

Our Retreat this year is located in Buena Vista at the Trail West Young Life Camp. Expect to be challenged and cheered for. We will rise up and into our callings as daughters of the Most High. We will stand for our sisters and for ourselves. Expect to be seen and loved for exactly who you are!

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Back Pack Bash

Hey DCC! We are excited to gear up for our collection of backpacks for children in need around our community, and we need your help! Thanks to your generosity last year, we provided 889 backpacks! But THIS year we would love to exceed that number and distribute even more at the “Backpack Bash” - a new event that DCC is hosting this year on Saturday, August 10th.

This event is the first of its kind in our community and will be located at DCC! We are excited to partner with COS I Love You, Pikes Peak United Way, as well as some other churches and local businesses to ensure all children in need are ready for their first day of school. There will be tons of backpacks full of supplies, haircuts for the kids, food and fun activities to provide hope to families in need, across our city. This FREE community event is shaping up to be something you don’t want to miss!

Want to serve our neighbors in need that are coming to this event? The “Backpack Bash” is going to be HUGE and we need you! There are so many different opportunities to serve during the event that play a big part in offering the love of Jesus with no strings attached.

DCC Volunteer opportunities in this Registration

Backpack sorting (Friday August 9):
Between your amazing generosity in the past of providing backpacks and the goals of our partners, we will have thousands of backpacks at our church for this event! With the help of our partners also collecting them elsewhere, we will be loading in and organizing them all at DCC, the day before our event. This will require some physical activity of walking back and forth from different areas, lifting and carrying backpacks full of supplies. If you have some time on August 9th and want to put your organizational skills to the test, please sign up!

Pre Set-up (Friday August 9):
Due to the size of this event and everything that’s included, we need help getting things set and ready for Saturday! This will include getting tables, barriers, supplies and any other equipment ready to go out in the morning. The more that is prepared and ready on Friday, the less we have to do early on Saturday morning! This position will require physical activity with heavy lifting, so please keep that in mind when signing up.

Set-up (Saturday August 10):
Calling all early risers! Since our event is kicking off at 9:00am, we need help setting up for the event early Saturday morning at 6:00am. This will include moving barriers, tables, placing signs, and anything else that should be set up prior to the start of the event. This position will require physical activity with some heavy lifting, so please keep that in mind when signing up.

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