I've grown comfortable with my story and my own skin, but it was not always that way.


There were many times in my life where I've felt alone...and grew to believe I'd always exist there. One day, when I was dragged by one of my friends to an event...I laid eyes on the most beautiful girl. I asked her out to Jitters Coffeehouse, a coffee shop just two blocks from Coors Field and she agreed to go! God grew that relationship and we were soon married. No longer alone.

Together, Shara and I have been on a life coaster of the ups and downs of being the proud parentals of five daughters (Bri, Mo, Becca, Mia, and Sebra) along with being in and out of ministry and business for over 20 years. Our family bond is strong.

I swore never to return to church as it had caused me and my family much pain. But, Jesus has this way of winning games of inches over and over and over again...and then you find yourself standing in the center of a place you'd swore you'd never be!  

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I have not been the best parent, the best husband, the best coworker or the best person...and that continues to be true. I'm a broken vessel...that only God can use for good. All my joy and value comes from the fact that my Father bankrupted heaven for me...his love is reckless like that. He risked everything on a kid when no one would...and I am in his debt. 

I'm at DCC for one reason only: I'm here to point, push, shove, and drag as many people as my Father puts in front of me into that reckless love and see them overwhelmed by such a good, good father. As I drag and loving God breaks through every wall, every barrier, every obstacle in a fierce dead run towards them to rescue them and save them. He doesn't concern himself with what he will gain and lose by putting himself on the line. His love leaves the 99 to find the ONE every time. So, my life prayer and my purpose at DCC is simply this:

Just ONE more…help me rescue one more. 


My hope is that you come and join me, it would be an honor to serve with you!