Performing and Hiding

Performing or Hiding. We are given a choice in life – one is to find life in Jesus, the other is to find life in anything else. The one is a life of freedom, transparency, openness and truth – because there’s no need to pretend to be anything than who we are. The second way to find life will lead us to pretend to be something we are not. Unfortunately, many of us perform an act of what we think will bring us love, respect, and praise – all the while hiding the truth about ourselves that would ruin that performance. That way of life actually robs us of true love and happiness- because if you praise my performance- that compliment never truly reaches my heart – I know you’re only believing a lie. If you knew the “true me” you might never look up to me.

At DCC, we want to encourage you to drop the performance and find real life and love in Jesus! His love doesn’t change because your story is jacked up! If you let him, he’ll redeem that story.

Ashley Pacheco