to May 4

Men's Retreat: Fight Club

If you’ve never been to one of these with DCC, this is not a “churchy” event. This is a jeans and t-shirt, have a cigar and/or a beer, and be men type event. Many close friendships have started at these retreats and guys walk away with a deeper understanding of their story and a deeper relationship with God. It’s a pretty cool dynamic. This is an 18 years old or older type event.

You will want to register right away because we are limited to 200 slots on a first come, first served basis.

So mark your calendars, request vacation days, talk your buddies into going with you and we will see you in the mountains. Please share this event with guys in your groups, serving teams, circles, etc.

Once you register you will receive an email with directons to Rainbow Trails and a recommended packing list.

There will also be an option to come one day early (May 1) to just do guy stuff and get away. This day will not have any talks or scripted events (other than meals). Just a day to do what you want to do. I did this last year with a few friends and it was awesome.


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7:00 PM19:00

Men's Bowling

Men, have you ever fantasized about returning to Bedrock and becoming Fed Flintstone? 

If so, come join us while we hurl a weighted sphere down a greased wood lane for Men’s Bowling. We’ll meet at Harmony Bowl, 3845 North Academy Blvd., on Sunday March 24th at 7:00 PM.

The cost will be $14 and covers two games of bowling, shoe rental, and a drink coupon. Please register no later than Friday March 15th so we can reserve enough lanes. Food and adult beverages are available, so please no outside food or drinks. If you don’t want to bowl then stop by for fellowship and friendship. Yabba-dabba-do!!!


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to Feb 23

Poker Night

On Friday, Feb 22, 2019 starting at 1800 (6:00 p.m.), DCC will be hosting a Texas Hold‘em tournament in the West Auditorium for anyone over 18 years of age. The initial buy in is $10 and each player will be allowed to buy back in (only after they have been eliminated) for an additional $10.

The top 3 players will win cash with the top player winning 60%, second place 30% and third place 10%. All pay-out percentages are based on initial buy-ins. All proceeds from buy back will be donated to DCC.

There will be no designated dealers, so each table will be responsible for dealing. A player eliminated from a table can choose to deal full time. Blinds will be set for all tables at the beginning of the evening and will increase every 2 times around the table in accordance with a blind increase sheet that will be provided to each table.

Breaks will be taken as appropriate and tables will be consolidated as needed throughout the tournament. Any rules conflicts or issues will be resolved by one of the designated representatives walking the floor. This is an non-alcoholic event, no smoking/vaping of any kind is allowed inside DCC.


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Men's Movie Night
6:00 PM18:00

Men's Movie Night

Suit up for not just a movie night, but a series night designated to beginning the year off right! This is going to be a night for us to talk about topics drawn from the Netflix series, The Last Kingdom.

We must learn to fight for ourselves and those around us, even when we feel that we’ve lost everything. We must fight through the pain, through the loss, through the lies and be everything that we’ve been called to be! Join us for a night of great food, hanging out, and talking some real life topics!

This event is taking place on January 18th from 6-10pm at DCC. From 6-7 we’ll hang out while we eat some killer food, and the rest of the night will be followed by watching The Last Kingdom and talking life!

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