Jason Privett


Whaddup? It’s ya boi, J. I work with our 5th/6th graders, middle schoolers, high schoolers, & young adults. When I’m not dunking on students, I’m cuddling with my dog or my awesome wife, Kirsten. I love Clash of Clans more than most people love Dutch Bros, and I get really into Broncos games, like a little too into it. As a teenager, I felt like my story didn't matter and that God didn't care. I strive to help people, but especially young people, discover how walking with God can transform our lives and stories! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the only force on earth more powerful than a moving body of water is a group of motivated teenagers... That’s why I’m here.

Shark or Bear?

Bear. They just so dang cuddly, and they have as much body hair as i do.




Hey! My name is Andrew Perkett. People usually just call me Perkett or Perkymon or Andrea or Drewski…so just call me what you want. I am incredibly passionate about students in our city. I believe the influence among middle and high schoolers is unmatched and want to tap into that potential in each of our students! Outside of spending time with students, I love being with my wife Brianne, hiking, camping, and watching football! I am a die hard Broncos fan and Crimson Tide fan, don’t hold that against me. I do what I do because this city is full of students ready to create change— it’s a city full of world changers. I believe in our students and agree to join in rescue for the Kingdom of God!

Shark or Bear: Obviously bear. My whole life would be camping, and I’d get to sleep for months as well as have a built on flannel and slippers. Sign me up. (May or may not be scientifically accurate.)




Hey there! I’m Cayla! I’m our High School Coordinator, which means I plan all the fun stuff we do and get people connected beyond our weekly services! I am constantly inspired by how our high schoolers love so fiercely and I honestly hope to be like them when I grow up. The only thing I love more than Parks and Recreation is San Francisco. And dogs. I really love dogs, especially big dogs. Ask me to see pictures of my favorite dogs sometime!

Shark or Bear?

Shark, for sure. I miss the ocean a bunch, plus EVERYONE is choosing bear these days.




Suh dudes!! My name is Tanner and I’m the 5th and 6th Coordinator. I love seeing students find Jesus and discover their story. I have been working in student ministry for three years and wouldn’t give it up for anything. Uprising is a unique and crazy environment, so it’s awesome being able to get hype and be passionate about Jesus with our 5th and 6th graders. I love hiking, mixed martial arts, soccer, dutch bros, comic book heroes, and Star Wars.

Shark or Bear?

Shark, because Sharkboy and Lavagirl is a quality film!