Jason Privett


Whaddup? It’s ya boi, J. I work with our 5th/6th graders, middle schoolers, high schoolers, & young adults. When I’m not dunking on students, I’m cuddling with my dog or my awesome wife, Kirsten. I love Clash of Clans more than most people love Dutch Bros, and I get really into Broncos games, like a little too into it. As a teenager, I felt like my story didn't matter and that God didn't care. I strive to help people, but especially young people, discover how walking with God can transform our lives and stories! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the only force on earth more powerful than a moving body of water is a group of motivated teenagers... That’s why I’m here.

Shark or Bear?

Bear. They just so dang cuddly, and they have as much body hair as i do.




Hey! My name is Andrew Perkett. People usually just call me Perkett or Perkymon or Andrea or Drewski…so just call me what you want. I am incredibly passionate about students in our city. I believe the influence among middle and high schoolers is unmatched and want to tap into that potential in each of our students! Outside of spending time with students, I love being with my wife Brianne, hiking, camping, and watching football! I am a die hard Broncos fan and Crimson Tide fan, don’t hold that against me. I do what I do because this city is full of students ready to create change— it’s a city full of world changers. I believe in our students and agree to join in rescue for the Kingdom of God!

Shark or Bear: Obviously bear. My whole life would be camping, and I’d get to sleep for months as well as have a built on flannel and slippers. Sign me up. (May or may not be scientifically accurate.)




Hey there! I’m Cayla! I’m our High School Coordinator, which means I plan all the fun stuff we do and get people connected beyond our weekly services! I am constantly inspired by how our high schoolers love so fiercely and I honestly hope to be like them when I grow up. The only thing I love more than Parks and Recreation is San Francisco. And dogs. I really love dogs, especially big dogs. Ask me to see pictures of my favorite dogs sometime!

Shark or Bear?

Shark, for sure. I miss the ocean a bunch, plus EVERYONE is choosing bear these days.



Student Leadership Coordinator

Hi! My name is Aislan (not Aslan)! I am our Student Leadership Coordinator. I am passionate about pouring into the next generation and encouraging them to be the best leaders they can be! My joys outside of work include watching The Office, spending time with my husband, Preston and our son, Bennett and being outside. I also love coffee. You can often find me at local coffee shops, working or just sitting enjoying coffee.

Shark or Bear?

Bears because bears are hands down the greatest animal that God has ever created.




Suh dudes!! My name is Tanner and I’m the 5th and 6th Coordinator. I love seeing students find Jesus and discover their story. I have been working in student ministry for three years and wouldn’t give it up for anything. Uprising is a unique and crazy environment, so it’s awesome being able to get hype and be passionate about Jesus with our 5th and 6th graders. I love hiking, mixed martial arts, soccer, dutch bros, comic book heroes, and Star Wars.

Shark or Bear?

Shark, because Sharkboy and Lavagirl is a quality film!