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Discovery Kids is dedicated to…

Engaging Kids, Empowering Parents, Making Disciples.

At Discovery Kids, we love engaging kids with age-appropriate truths about who God is, and letting them know that their story matters and that they have a big part to play in God’s big story!

We desire to develop spiritually healthy families by empowering Parents to be the primary disciple makers of their children’s faith.

We support families in this process through a partnership with the holy spirit, to see families experience life transformation. We believe that families walking with God are learning about Jesus together, rescuing hearts together, and allowing God to lead their story.


Hey, you decided you want to join us this weekend! That’s awesome! We know coming to a new place can be a little intimidating, so we wanted to prepare you as much as possible for what you can expect when checking in to our Kids area for the first time!

Step 1: Walk in to the lobby.

That’s it! Step one is over! You’re inside! Yay!

Step 2: Head to our New Families desk.

This is super easy to find, because there’s a GIANT sign that says “New Kids” hanging over a desk! Just head on over there and meet our really cool New Families Registration team!

Step 3: Give them all your info.

They’ll ask you some questions about you and your kids and get you entered into our system! This will print a bunch of tags, but don’t worry, they’ll explain it all!

Step 4: Step into the best kids area in town!

One of our awesome team members will lead you and your kids into our Discovery Kids area and show you around! It’s that easy!


If you want to skip a step (step 3, to be exact) you can follow the link below to pre-register! Don’t worry, all of the other steps stay the same!

We can’t wait to see you over at Discovery Kids!

Love standing in lines?

Us neither. Skip the wait and register online!