We are looking for men and women willing to take a hazardous journey, with small to no wages, long months of feeling like you aren’t making a difference, constant danger, with a safe return to the way you were when you started volunteering is doubtful.  But there will be honor and recognition when we experience success in leading teens to an irresistible Jesus. If this intrigued you, you’re perfect to join one of our Student Ministry teams!

We are so honored that you would consider volunteering with Uprising, Mayhem, or The Rebellion. Volunteers are what keep our services thriving. We often say, “We as a Student Ministry are volunteer run and staff supported.” Our volunteers are crucial in investing in the lives of our amazing students. There are so many different roles to be filled from working directly with students to assisting with all the behind the scenes details. Each role is necessary and contributes to the overall vision of our ministries. We can’t wait to have you on the team!