Worship Pastor Opening


Our journey started several years ago with a small group of committed people and a pastor who was all about rescue and diving into his story!  Since then we've seen the message and mission of rescue and the heart we have for ALL of our community resonate here in Colorado Springs. God has blessed us with tremendous growth and so many more opportunities to rescue others who He puts in front of us. 

We've grown to three weekend services with Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM and 11AM! This Easter we expect 5000 people to visit our campus where we pray they bump into and experience Jesus! 

The role of Worship Pastor is so integral to what we do here, because it begins and ends with a pastor's heart for shepherding our people, volunteers, and staff.  So, as we invite everyone to discover their stories, experience Jesus, and live to rescue...we know that there is a connection to all of this through worship. We are excited to see a worship culture built here that leads people into a surrendered dependence upon Jesus. 

Below is a place for you to download a PDF version of the Worship Pastor Job Description. There is also a place for you submit your resume and cover letter.   This will start the process of our team reaching out to you and getting to know you more!  Thank you for your interest...we can't wait to meet you!  

Download Job Description (pdf 173kb)