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Hey DCC! We are excited to gear up for our collection of backpacks for children in need around our community, and we need your help! Thanks to your generosity last year, we provided 889 backpacks! But THIS year we would love to exceed that number and distribute even more at the “Backpack Bash” - a new event that DCC is hosting this year on Saturday, August 10th.

This event is the first of its kind in our community and will be located at DCC! We are excited to partner with COS I Love You, Pikes Peak United Way, as well as other churches and local businesses to ensure all children in need are ready for their first day of school. There will be tons of backpacks full of supplies, haircuts for the kids, food and fun activities to provide hope to families in need, across our city. This FREE community event is shaping up to be something you don’t want to miss!

Want to be involved? There are a few ways you can help!


Starting on June 29th, you can pick up a tag in the lobby that will provide you with a list and age range for a child or teen that needs a backpack for school this fall. When you pick up your shopping list from us, there will be a colored ribbon attached to each list. Please tie this on the handle of your filled backpack before dropping it off. This is going to help us differentiate whether the bag is for an elementary or teenage student. Once you have shopped for all the items on the list provided, and placed them inside a new backpack, you can drop it off at DCC.

We need all backpacks by Sunday, August 4th in order to hand them out at the big event!

These colored tags will be available during our weekend services from June 29-July 28th. You can find them on a table near the slat wall in our main lobby. There will also be people there to answer any questions you might have!

We will collect the filled backpacks starting July 6th and every weekend through August 4th. If you are coming to a weekend service, you can drop your backpack off at the slat wall where you originally picked up the tag.

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• 1 box of colored pencils

• 1 box of markers

• college-ruled loose-leaf paper

• 4 college-ruled spiral notebooks

• 1 box of mechanical pencils

• 1 package of ballpoint pens

• 2 erasers

• 4 two-pocket folders

• 2 highlighters

• 2 three-ring binders

• 1 pair of scissors

• 3 small packs of tissue

• 1 backpack (6th-12th grade)

• 1 box of crayons (24-48ct)

• 1 box of markers

• wide-ruled loose-leaf paper

• 4 wide-ruled spiral notebooks

• 1 box of #2 pencils (6-12ct)

• 1 package of ballpoint pens

• 2 erasers

• 4 two-pocket folders

• 2 glue sticks

• pencil box or pouch

• 1 pair of scissors (child)

• 3 small packs of tissue

• 1 ruler

• 1 backpack (k-5th grade)

Volunteer Opportunities.jpg

Backpack sorting (Friday August 9):

Between your amazing generosity in the past of providing backpacks and the goals of our partners, we will have thousands of backpacks at our church for this event! With the help of our partners also collecting them elsewhere, we will be loading in and organizing them all at DCC, the day before our event. This will require some physical activity of walking back and forth from different areas, lifting and carrying backpacks full of supplies. If you have some time on August 9th and want to put your organizational skills to the test, please sign up!

Pre Set-up (Friday August 9):

Due to the size of this event and everything that’s included, we need help getting things set for Saturday! This will include getting tables, barriers, supplies and any other equipment ready to go out in the morning. The more that is prepared and ready on Friday, the less we have to do early on Saturday morning! This position will require physical activity with heavy lifting, so please keep that in mind when signing up.  

Set-up (Saturday August 10):

Calling all early risers! Since our event is kicking off at 9:00am, we need help setting up for the event. This will include moving barriers, tables, placing signs, and anything else that should be set up prior to the start of the event. This position will require physical activity with some heavy lifting, so please keep that in mind when signing up.

To sign up to volunteer for the event on Saturday, use the link below.


To donate, click the button below and select “Backpack Bash” from the dropdown list.


Alongside other local churches, businesses and community members.