We know you came to this “About” page because you want to know more about DCC… and we’re going to go ahead and assume (always a safe bet) that this means you want to know more about US, your DCC staff! A little egotistical? Maybe. But really, all of the really important, deep, theological stuff about our beliefs and our code and our logo are all RIGHT below here, and once you get there you’ll never look for us again! We HAD to go first!

Someday, when we all decide to sit still for long enough, we’ll have some photos to show you, and some really cool stuff to say about ourselves individually! Until then, the privilege of summing our team up in one little blurb lies with our super awesome writer on staff (hey, if I’m writing it, I get to have extra fun don’t I?)!

Your team at DCC is basically your fun, weird family! We love each other AND we love you! We have a lot of different departments and jobs that you’ll hear about sometime. You’re probably already familiar with some of them: Discovery Kids, Worship, Production, Students, Operations (did you know we have donuts for sale over in our cafe every week thanks to them? Well...we do). But there’s a lot more! We have an awesome Facilities team, a super cool Adult Ministries team, a kick...ing (that’s a thing, right?) Executive team… and more! We can’t wait for you to get to know everyone!

As a staff, we are totally in love with coffee (we have two coffee shops in our parking lot and friends in coffee shops all over the place, so obviously…), slightly obsessed with The Enneagram (this is a lie. We are completely obsessed with the Enneagram), and passionate about our community of Colorado Springs! We are all completely dedicated to helping people discover their story and experience Jesus, and we are on fire for the mission to live to rescue! We can’t wait for the chance to get to know you better! Ok, you can scroll down and read all of the important stuff now.

Why the red cross?

Our vision at DCC is to change what people think when they hear the words "church" or "Christian.”  This symbol or logo is something that people naturally move toward to receive help and rescue.  Unfortunately, church is often not seen that way.  It is known as a religious institution, not a messy place for broken and hurting people to receive the help, hope, and rescue that they need.  We aren't perfect and don't have it all figured out, but we are doing all that we can to change that—one heart, one life, one story, one person at a time.  

Red Cross Background Grey.jpg


Sometimes it’s hard to know what someone believes without asking, and we know sometimes that can feel a little awkward. We’d love for you to talk to us about what we believe, but if that’s too weird for you (or if you’re super far away and a part of our Online Campus, which makes in-person conversations super hard), we’ve created this nice little convenient page that tells you all about our beliefs!



Our Code is what we’re all about here at DCC! These are the things we’ve decided are important to us as a community. You’ll notice it’s all about what we’re all ABOUT, and not what we’re against. Well…that’s on purpose. We’d much rather be known for what we’re FOR than what we’re against. Really, who needs that kind of negativity in their life? Not us. We’re guessing not you, either. Check it out!


 “Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another; “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

C.S. Lewis

We are a “me too” place here at DCC.


Our mission at DCC is to Discover Your Story, Experience Jesus, and Live To Rescue. At times, we drift around these circles, spending more time in one than the others. Sometimes we even drift away from the circles altogether. But here at DCC, we believe that getting back to the center of all three, living in balance of this entire mission, is the key to finding the life we’ve all been looking for.